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Coming Cooking Competitions



Medieval MasterChef at Great Southern Gathering (Krae Glas) 2015 (non-Guild event)

(Times and small details may change)

Friday evening – Round 1 will consist of bringing a pre-prepared cold dish with documentation, with you the event. Recipes made from an unredacted source wills core higher in the documentation component, but will also be judged for taste. ) Judging will occur throughout the evening, scores announced at 10pm.
Sat morning – late entries for Round 1 accepted until 9:30am from people arriving on saturday morning.
10am Round 2 – Redacting a supplied period recipe. Ingredients supplied, and shared access to the kitchen. Judged based on taste.
11:30 Judging Round 2, scores announced at lunch.
Sunday 12 noon – Round 3 Mystery Box Challenge. Scores based on taste and medieval ‘style’.

Judging and overall winner announced over lunch.