Categories for Mastery

1. Breads and doughs – sweet, savoury or unleavened

2. Cakes, biscuits, sweetmeats or nibbles

3. Sweets – desserts, including creams, curds, custards and fruits (but not pies)

4. Pies and pastries

5. Soups, stews and pottages

6. Vegetables and salads

7. Meat, fish, poultry and game (but not including pies pies or stews)

8. Sauces – thickened, vinaigrettes, vinegars and marinades

9. Beverages – not brewed or fermented

10. Egg or cheese dishes

11. Preserves – jams, jellies, pickles, salted and dried items

12. Subtleties

13. Starches- pasta, rice etc (New category voted by members in 2016)                       >