How To Join The Guild

If you would like to become a member of the Guild, simply complete a membership form and send or email to the Administrator.

Alternatively you can submit a recipe for tasting at an official SCA event and get at least three different sets of comments from tasters. Make sure you fully complete your submission form (including comments and recipe references), and send or email to the Administrator. Please ensure that you keep copies for your own records.

If you need help, you can also contact your local A&S Officer or local Guild Representative.

Guild representatives:
Agaricus: Marit the Wanderer
College of Blessed Herman: Emery Llanruthen
Innilgard: Fionn O’Mara
Mereweyke: Caterina Contarini
Politarchopolis: Natal’ia Vladimrova’doch
River Haven: Isobel aus Cheavaux
Rowany: Eurgain of Whitby
Stegby: Gabriella Borromei
Stowe: Arabella d’Aubigny