Membership in the Guild

Membership in the Guild is open to any person with an interest in cooking or researching Medieval and Renaissance period recipes. A Member is recognised on presentation of the first dish or upon submission of a completed General Membership form.

Only a registered member of the Guild may wear its insignia or claim membership.


There is no age limit on Guild membership. However, written permission, acknowledging the potential physical risks inherent in all kitchen work, must be given by a parent or guardian prior to a minor (under 18 years of age) being admitted into the Guild. Members under the age of 18 years old must only cook or undertake work in kitchens for official SCA events, guild workshops and classes while under the supervision of an adult (18+) Guild Member.






Guild Members may choose to submit recipes for ranking in the Guild, but this is not essential. Many people join the Guild to share information and develop their interest in Medieval and Renaissance cooking and do not submit recipes for ranking.