Master Cooks and Mistress Cooks



A list of those good gentles who have attained Mastery within the Lochac Cooks’ Guild:

* Adeline de Montfort – Rowany
* Antonia Ambrosia Illirica – Mordenvale
* Branwen of Werchesvorde – Abertridwr
* Fillipa Ginevra Francesca di Lucignano – Rowany
* Gabriella Borromei – Stegby
* Gilli feilan – Cairn Fell
* Gwir verch Madog – Krae Glas
* Isabeau of the Wylde Wood – Rowany
* Jean le Renaud de Pyranees – Dismal Fogs
* Joan Sutton – Politarchopolis
* Kara of Kirriemuir – Bacchus Wood
* Nicolette Duffay – Stormhold
* Thomasina Freeborn – Bordescros

To become a Master or Mistress Cook within the Guild, a journeyman must be the Head Cook / Feast Steward for an official SCA event, organise a period menu for one feast, and personally cook at least two dishes thereof. There must be complete documentation provided for each dish served at the event and the presentation and taste of the two personally cooked dishes are to be commented upon by three attendees at the event via recipe submission paperwork. The cook must also write one article for publication in a Kingdom newsletter or magazine (i.e. Pegasus, Tournaments Illustrated or Cockatrice) OR teach on the topic of period cooking at an official SCA event and send a report, including all notes, handouts & documentation to the Guild Administrator.
Having completed the requirements, each rise in rank becomes valid upon written notification from the Guild Administrator.